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Contract Engineering & Consultation Service - Custom Optical Design / manufacturing & development of key enabling technologies.





Welcome to Bentec Services Innovation:
Niche markets and highly confidential exclusive partnerships are our interests;
Hyper-aspherical, generalized, aspheric surfaces;
Our highest priority is customer satisfaction.
Zemax &  Bentec Aspherics software - key to advanced device design.


contract engineering & consultation service: A technology partner, providing innovative, cost effective, engineering services & value-added solutions of Reliability, Manufacture, Quality and Conformance;

unique optical solutions: wave front  mapping & phase correction; tuned aspheric Fresnel lenses; groove width and depth variation; multi-focal Fresnel systems; custom designed and anti-ghosting micro-structures; high fidelity micro-replication; define/control non-spherical wave fronts;

aspheric optics: pure aspheric; polymer, silicone, structured film - where aspheric surfaces are independent of conic constant and aspheric coefficients (hyper-aspherical) - a dynamic consequence of pre-defined wavefronts - key to advanced device design;

free software related to specific projects. We are delighted to illustrate your optical system. Bentec's aspheric software defines highly efficient, equal phase-mapping Fresnel facets;

industries: aerospace; medical; automotive; military; bio-tech; consumer optical products & process development.

innovation: We will design ghost-free Fresnel lenses to specification and arrange manufacturing.

Best Price Optics - manufactured to specification:


cylindrical: Cylindrical lenses are used to provide focusing power from one side, also used for anamorphic compression of beams and images. Cylindrical lenses are widely applied in the fields of projection systems, imaging system, laser measurement etc.

mirrors: Front surface mirror may be coated with metals (or dielectrics) for maximum reflection:

filters: Interference, Neutral Density Filters:

prisms: Flat polished sides deflect, deviate, rotate and disperse light at particular wavelengths.

windows: When selecting windows, consider materials, transmission, scattering, wave front distortion, parallelism and resistance to certain environments.

 standard aspherical: Stage lighting, Optical lighting - Paraboloid, Elliptical - Manufactured and Processed according to clients’ demands.


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